Annual Day

Annual Day 2023-24

Every year our annual function revolves around a unique theme that captures the essence of our institution. This year we have a special theme – Good over evil. It encapsulates that evil always loses and good wins. The Yuga cycle is a timeline of ages. It is divided into four parts: Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga & Kalyuga. Each Yuga or age is associated with certain good & evil qualities.

Annual Day 2022-23

Annual Day 2019-20

Relationships are like branches on a tree, they grow in different directions yet their roots remain one and so is our CEHS FAMILY.

An outstanding musical theatre packed with emotion, humour and relations performed by students of CEHS on their Annual Day 2019. Kudos to the rising talents of Chembur English High School.

Annual Day 2018-19

Annual Day 2017-18

Chembur English High School Annual Day celebration at Fine Arts Society, Chembur

Annual Day 2016-17

Annual Day 2015-16